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Ford 'Classic' Car - 1962

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I had a cousin in Liverpool who had one in the swinging sixties. The sporty wheels wheels where all the rage. This car was made in 1962. Any more info about this car gratefully appreciated.

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The Classic was Sapphire Blue and Ermine white, My Dad had one from brand new the Vrm was 895 DP

To my eternal shame I "bangered" five Classics in the early seventies, they were ALMOST indestructible but I managed..........sorry

My grandfather bought me a dark green four door ford classic in 1969. This was a great car and it turned heads in my home town of Billingham in CO Durham for the three years that I owned it. I had the usual problems with the three bearing crankshaft which snapped but I repaired the engine myself as it was such an easy engine to work with. My mother had to put up with engine parts on the kitchen floor for three weeks though while I waited for the replacement crankshaft .I drove this car everywhere in the north east for three years until I moved to south Africa in 72. I forgot to tell my dad that the car was still in the garage when I emigrated and he got a shock four years later when he got a car of his own . He hadn't any need to go into the garage until that day and got a shock when he opened up and there sat a 63 green ford classic. Without any wheels too as I had sold them to a mate prior to me leaving. Sorry dad .it's amazing having owned such a unique styled motor because even now in 2011 I still get people saying things like "I know you your the guy from Billingham that drove around in a big green American car in the sixties aren't you?". Fame after all this time thanks to the best car that I ever owned. Wish I had kept it

The 'Classic four door saloon was one of the most superbly styled cars ever. The 'clipper blue' with white roof looking particularly stunning.....I wish there had been a 'GT' version....An 'Anglia' 105E 'GT' would have been something too. Apparently,'Classic' struts can be fitted for disc braking, and the 1500 should just slot in. With 5xspeed 'box and electric fan such a model would be rather road usable today...Mike, Crumpsall, Manchester.

ford classic 1962 body clipper blue roof ermine white my best car ever apart from 3 bearing crank which snapped on1340 cc engine

I had a 1963 Ford Consul Capri GT, red, 1500 cc 5 bearing shaft with twin choke Weber, 51/2 j steel wheels and an Westinghouse automatic gearbox. I bought in 1969 for £365 reg no 2244 VT Best car I've ever had. (I wish I had it now)

proper cars, reminds me of my child hood.

Does anyone know the the Ford name of the blue paint the Consul is painted in? Need to know because my 60`s Lambretta is the same.

do you mind me asking what show that was?  

(Wilmslow Cheshire around 2004)

We have a Consul Classic KJC819 is Ascot Grey with a Green Roof used most weekends throughout the summer to attend Classic Car shows in Wales and England A super car

Hi I come from down under ( New Zealand and own one of these fine classic 315 consul I use it all the time it has the 5 main bearing crank and has now travelled 107,000 miles from new I purchased it from the original owner early this year, I am looking for quarter light rubbers?

The car in "13 Days" is neither a 1962 Ford Classic, nor is it a 1959 Lincoln. It is a 1963 Mercury Monterey (based on the same chassis as the Lincoln). An interesting note, the movie is set during the Cuban missile Crisis of October 1962. New models come out in September in North America, so it would have only been available for 1 month. Cheers, Don

How reliable is the ford consul?

The Consul 315 was built in the Dagenham factory in England by Ford in 2 and 4 door versions. 19 2 door cars were purchased by the police in South Africa and converted into station wagons. Only one or two are known to exist. The coupe version was also built and known as the 335 Capri aimed for the ladies as a sleek and stylish shopping basket for the modern woman. As to the original question, I believe all Consul 315 Classics have twin headlamps. I'm unsure as to whether this applies to the 335. Hope that's been of help to you.

My father had one when I was a boy, and I would earn half-a-crown extra each week if I washed it for him, then he got a another car.

My dad had a consul classic when i was a boy, same colors as yours

I have a Consul Capri (not a 'Classic Capri') it has the three bearing engine, still running strong in its 45th year! Ian.

I bought my first car in 1969 it was a ford consul classic for £70, ice blue with a white roof, just lookin to buy one again ..

I had a 2 door, black Consul 315, bought new in 1962 for c£700.  The vehicle build quality was excellent but the 3 main bearing crankshaft engine was rubbish and at 150 miles short of the expiry of the warranty, I lost a piston and the con rod poked the side out the block. Ford did not replace the engine but only the cylinder block.  I got rid of the car very soon after which was a pity as it had great potential and the model was greatly improved after the fitting of a crankshaft with 5 main bearings.

See '13 Days' with Kevin Costner for several scenes including this car.

This is cool but should b in black with pink flames. Xxxxx

My P.E. teacher had one of these. We thought he was sooooooo cool.
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