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The Secret

by Rhonda Byme

The Secret is a best-selling 2006 New Age self-help and spirituality book written by Rhonda Byrne. A film based on the book was released shortly after the book in DVD format.

The tenet of the book is that an individual's focused positive thinking can result in life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, happiness and more. The book achieved high sales after being featured in two episodes of Oprah, where after the book reached the top of the New York Times bestseller list and the film based on the book reached #1 on the sales charts on Amazon.com.

The book has also reached a high level of notoriety and criticism from those who claim that the book misleads readers with its claims of positive thinking being able to influence a reader's life and real-world outcomes.

The film is largely influenced by Wallace D. Wattles' 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich.



The Secret is a book that presents what is claimed to be a centuries-old technique of the Law of Attraction, which in essence is the power of an individual's positive thinking to change and influence outcomes in their lives. The book claims that by using the "Laws of Attraction", an individual can become wealthier, healthier, and happier.

The "Laws of Attraction" are the "secret" that the title of the book suggests to the reader. The book claims that the secrets outlined in the book have been known by famous and influential people for centuries, but that they have conspired to keep these secrets hidden from the general public for their own benefit.

The Secret is described as a New Age spiritual self-help book, with the basis of the claims of the "Laws of Attraction" originate through understanding the cosmos and how an individual can influence it for their own personal gain and benefit.


The book was marketed with an online viral video campaign focusing on wealth enhancement. The short video clips showed testimonials from readers of the book and practitioners of "the secret" claiming that the technique brought them wealth, cured sickness, and brought about a general life-change. The video clips do not disclose what "the secret" is, where it originated from or how it can be practiced, but rather pointed viewers to the website for both the book and film.

The general theme of both the book packaging and promotional material is how "the secret" originates from the cosmos. The background used in the material is often a field of stars, and various shots of the universe, adding mystique to the claims and the practice.

The book first reached widespread popularity in Australia after the claims were featured on a number of prime time current affairs shows. The book gained a high profile in the United States after being featured in two episodes of the Oprah Winfrey show. Other celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Larry King also reviewed and/or covered the book, and in each case expressed their belief in the system or scepticism to its claims.


The claims made by both the book and film have been highly controversial, and have been criticized by reviewers and readers in both traditional and web-based media. The book has also been heavily criticized by former believers and practitioners, with some going as far as claiming that "the secret" was conceived by the author and that the only people generating wealth and happiness from it are the author and the publishers. Another basis of criticism is that "the secret" offers false hope to those who are in true need of more conventional assistance in their lives.


The novel was based on a 2006 film produced by Rhonda Byrne consisting of interviews based around the concept.

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 It says to be happy without feeling guilty and there's nothing wrong with making things better for oneself and also don't look down on others cause your good at it.

I think this is the most best selling/ spiritual growth book that i have ever read.


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